The team

We work together to create a better understanding of complex dynamics in the forest system

We have members from three Universities:

Lund University Copenhagen University Helsinki University

Ayonghe N. Akonwi

Ayonghe Nebasifu Akonwi Ayonghe is an anthropologist at HU and postdoc in the project. He interviews folks.
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Huntley Brownell

Prescott Huntley Brownell II Huntley is a forester and research assistant at KU. He traces resource flows.
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Dalia D’Amato

Dalia D’Amato Dalia is a sustainability scientist at HU and WP2 leader. She helps us understand the system.
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Nils Droste

Nils Droste Nils is a political scientist at LU, WP4 lead and project coordinator. He programs stuff.
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Hanna Ekström

Hanna Ekström Hanna is a geographer and environmental science PhD student at LU. She models agents.
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Alexia Fridén

Alexia Fridén Alexia is a political scientist and research assistant at LU. She maps governance.
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Teemu Harrinkari

Teemu Harrinkari Teemu is a sustainability scientist at HU. He works on multilevel governance.
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Bogomil Emilov Iliev

Bogomil Emilov Iliev Bogomil is an economist and environmental science PhD student at KU. He assesses carbon in trade flows.
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Wilhelm May

Wilhelm May Willi is a climate scientist at LU and WP3 leader. He models the atmosphere and the forest.
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Marianne Thomsen

Marianne Thomsen Marianne is an environmental scientist at KU and WP5 leader. She assess product life-cycles.
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